Leadership Development

Cultivating Leaders for Sustainable Change


Public and political leaders have been a major actor in modern society’s greatest achievements: health care, education and childcare, access to water and sanitation, energy, communication, response to disasters, science and technology, among others.

Public and political leaders contribute to policy development, oversee the investment of public funds in essential services collectively needed by communities, uphold the rule of law, and ensure fairness and equality in society, public servant leaders also deliver many goods and services, at times during critical events or crises, or when markets fail to do so. All of this underlines the fact that a professional, capable and responsible, ethical, accountable public leadership is a fundamental driver of citizens’ trust in public institutions, and nation building.

Just like any other sector, the context and challenges of public leadership and nation building are changing at a fast pace, and the capabilities of public leaders and those who are elected to lead nations are required to be equipped and empowered for sustainable nation building.

Recent research by public leadership experts highlights the need for right leadership attitudes, values, skills and competencies needed in a high performing public and political service, and the kinds of human resource management policies, systems and practices needed to attract, retain, develop and lead a highly skilled public workforce.

The above provides a basis for TriAfrica Empowerment Foundations focus and commitment to support right leadership and good governance by helping governments understand and shape the changing nature of leadership in the public sector, and deliver value for society through skilled, committed and trusted public and political leaders.


Our Goal

To develop (build) a diverse and highly competent pool of political and public leaders equipped with the values, principles, skills and knowledge to drive positive change, effectively address societal challenges, advance sustainable development, and enhance citizen-centric nation building.


Scholarships for emerging leaders

Create, promote, and build values, principles, skills and competencies of elected and emerging public leaders in twelve target states in Nigeria within the next three years.

Leadership training workshops and seminars

Enhance political and public leadership competencies by conducting webinars, workshops and training sessions on public leadership, governance, leadership for sustainable development and nation building.

Leadership Evaluation

Design, implement, evaluate, and report quarterly on leadership and governance performance scorecards at all levels of government and across sectors in at least twelve target states in the next three years.

Mentorship and Coaching

Our mentorship and coaching programs offer personalized guidance and support to help individuals achieve their goals, whether in leadership development, personal growth, or career advancement.

Leadership Networking Opportunities

Elevate your leadership journey by connecting with a community of visionary leaders. Our leadership networking events provide a platform to engage with accomplished leaders, share insights, and form powerful collaborations that inspire growth and innovation.

Leadership Recognition and Awards

Celebrating outstanding leaders who drive positive change. Our awards program honors visionaries who have made exceptional contributions to their communities and industries, inspiring others to lead with purpose and impact.

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Recent News

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