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Our Mission & Vision


Fully emancipated, well-functioning, organized and first World
Africa through Responsible, Ethical, Accountable Leadership



Inspiring Africa’s Greatness by Driving and Delivering R.E.A.L and
Effective Governance

Core Values


We understand that accountability is mutual and reciprocal and is the glue that enhances effective interaction and transactions, thus we acknowledge and own up to the responsibilities we have to employees, public, community, corporate and industry stakeholders. Work appropriately within any coordination structure, functions and accountabilities.


We value the ability of individuals, institutions and systems to change through relevance and resourcefulness, in ways that enhance sustainable development (in the face of changing social, economic and political environments)


We maintain high ethical standards, keep promises and resists pressure and comprise in decision-making from internal and external sources and we do not abuse power or authority.

Respect for All

We treat all people with dignity and respect, Show respect and sensitivity towards gender, cultural and religious differences, challenges, prejudice, biases and intolerance in political and public service workplaces and encourage diversity wherever possible.

Diversity & Equity

We are committed to equal opportunity and to diversity of experiences, backgrounds and thoughts, and the value of voicing and sharing of viewpoints with integrity even when difficult, unpopular or risky.


We are committed to inspire, develop and support responsible, ethical, accountable leaders of all ages and gender to enhance national strategic development priorities and deliverables.

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Latest News

Recently ALG in part with United Nations Information Centre Abuja held a Special Leadership Series Virtual Conference on the topic ''Advancing and Accelerating Performance of Nigeria's SDG's - AGENDA 2030: Key Issues and Solutions''

To watch the conference session click below